Hard Drive Destruction
100% Security and Compliance

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Introducing The Only Hard Drive Destruction Program That Guarantees Your Confidential Data Will Never Be Compromised

5 Reasons Why More People Choose USDataShred:

  1. Security and Compliance.

    We provide the highest security by shredding at your site and ensure you comply with privacy protection laws such as HIPAA, HITECH, Red Flags, Gramm-Leach-Billey, and Sarbanes-Oxley. In addition, we are PCI compliant.
  2. Service Options.

    Shred or degauss at your site for the ultimate security or at our site. Or simply ship us your material to be shredded and or degaussed and we will provide you with documentation and visual confirmation of your project with a DVD for your peace of mind.
  3. Insurance Protection.

    We carry $3 million dollars in general liability insurance, as well as $2 million dollars in errors and omissions insurance for your protection.
  4. Environmentally Responsible.

    US DataShred is committed to environmental responsibility, safely recycling 100% of everything we shred using only R2 and eStewards Certified Recyclers.
  5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

    We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services, and we provide “small town” service to our customers.

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